Project On Hold Until Further Notice

Introducing UPnP Evolving: CloudUPnP
Lossless CD Quality UPnP Streaming from the Internet
Access to Premium Subscription Catalogues

By moving the acclaimed Asset UPnP server into the Cloud opens a whole raft of possibilities and benefits:

  • Subscription to Premium Catalogues,

  • Existing Audio Stored Safely in the Cloud,

  • End-to-end Possibilities: audio purchased in participating stores automatically appears in CloudUPnP,

  • Freed from Software and Hardware Maintenance & Updates,

  • Environmentally Friendly: every 1000 users switching to CloudUPnP saves 24KW/h,

  • Easy Access to the Most Advanced UPnP Server,

  • Regionalized Servers: ensuring a short uncongested hop to the server,

  • Remote Collection Management, from ID tag correcting to Album Art fixes,

  • Multiple Collections: from one master collection create sub collections for other family members, or special occasions,

  • Totally Silent, with no spinning discs in your home to spoil your listening pleasure.

At this stage it is highly likely the following brands will evolve to UPnP in the cloud: Cambridge Audio, Cyrus Audio, Linn, Meridian Audio (Sooloos) and Naim.

A test pilot is to commence shortly and you can take part, with no fees and no obligation.


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